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03-19-2010, 08:00 AM
Amazing coincident that this is released as :
  1. the lack of actual PvE content is about to be released.
  2. the uproar in the Klingon section about a new faction
  3. the high level of discontent in the Klingon faction
  4. plummeting Klingon population

    Cryptic is doing what it needs to do to survive. It's trying to retain subs. They promised a 45 day patch , ( it'll be late , which it then isn't a 45 d patch , now is ) they'll deliver soemthing . It'll be far below expectations. They are in damage control . If they deliver one episodic mission they will have fulfilled their statement . All this will happpen at the same time a new faction will be introduced , along with all the new content they need to introduce to keep the Fed subs they have , while Cryptic is designing a new game . I'd say it's stretching reality a bit tsay. Klingons will get epsodic content . Right now they they have more then likely evaluated the stories they have on the Fed side , looked at the most generic and easily convertible and that's what you'll get.

    They are not going to ( and I'll say it ) waste resources and manpower on a small population player base . How many ships and new features do Fed subs get relative to Klingon subs ? That should be an excellant indicator of how Cryptic views the game and it's factions and future factions.

    Hell , they are have a horrible time finding the bugs on internal testing , so they turn to tribble and try to get folks to find the bugs there. Why because they had to push back the release of the patch because it's too buggy . They won't say that , but that's what's going on. Cryptic is in a desparate state right now to get resubs and stop the flow of people leaving the game.