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Here is a question for everyone. Its clear that the original timeline and the new movie timeline are parrallel universes with a shared starting point (prior to when the Narada arrived in the 2230's) and then the two timelines branched off from there.

My question is that if someone in the original timeline travelled back to 2260 NOW after Spock and Nero went back, would they go to their own version of 2260 or would they arrive in the alternate 2260 since the logical course of events after Nero's arrival in the past could possibly ripple into the future (like the anomaly from 'All Good Things' rippling into the past).

Im thinking that they would remain in their own timeline unless they went back to a time just at or prior to the Naradas arrival in which case they would transition into that timeline. Even if that thinking were true, I would then believe that anyone that time travelled prior to the Naradas arrival, if they travelled then back to the future it would be in that alternate future (and thus all time travellers going that far back would be prevented from ever returning to their timeline)...

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