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I did some thinking after reading some forums about how to nerf the klink carrier to using only one set of ships and thought of a possible way to solve this. The carrier does seem to be a liitle on the strong side if people are allowed to spam those little ships out. So, rather than have to load up 4 modules per port, why not load up one single module per port that spawns multiple ships on a longer timer.

Common = Per Port = 1x BoP, 1x Fighter, 1x Shield Repair, 0 Siphons | 2 minuite Timer
Uncommon = Per Port = 1x BoP, 2x Fighter, 1x Shield Repair, 1x Siphon | 2:30 minuite timer
Rare = Per Port = 1x Bop, 2x Fighter, 2x Shield Repair, 1x Siphon | 3 minuite timer
Very Rare = Per Port = 1x Bop, 3x Fighters, 2x Shield Repair, 2x Siphons | 3:30 minuite timer

This concept would allow each port to carry one module, have a longer cooldown than the standard ones being used across the board, but a little less on one. If Cryptic reads this I think this idea could result in solving the feds crying nerf this and nerf that for us klinks that are trying to salvage something from our battered up side due to all the crybabies.

Anyone think that something like this could be a viable option?