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# 1 G13 "glitches"
03-19-2010, 12:39 PM
Has anyone got the G13 to work Flawlessly in STO? I notice that from time to time the ctrl+number or Alt+number causes it to just hit the number. Now I did have a work around by just remapping every hotbar button to a single key but this is lame and should not even be needed. I have tried just using the default ability and making a macro. I have added delays in said macros ranging from .050 to .500 between press of Ctrl and number button and in just about every combination you can imagine.

I know some will claim its a logitech issue, and Cryptic might even agree, but since the pad and software works in other games just fine, my troubleshooting skill set says its something to do with the only other thing that is different which would be STO. So until Cryptic or maybe Logitech comes up with a real fix, has anyone found a work around that works every time instead of most of the time?