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03-19-2010, 01:06 PM
Originally Posted by Axwyn
Okay your doing some missions the the pvp klingns appear. And either you start to get them almost distroyed and they out run you . Or your like +10 above them with good equpied ship and still cant blow them up. Three times today two of us couldnt blow up one lousy klingon who we both outranked
Seriously? Did you seriously just post this.... this has to be a joke, another attempt to have Klingons nerfed for no apparent reason.
1. How about you read through some of the forums where you will learn how people combine skills i.e Evasive Manuevers+emerency power to engines+engine batteries.
2. What are you doing in an area where your opponents are -10 to you?
3. If you cannot kill someone -10 levels below you and it is two of you. You may want to evaluate what you are doing wrong. If neither of you have tractor beam theres one problem right there.

Before starting in with the Klingon's are OP talk, how about you make some adjustments on your end.