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Originally Posted by Kaiserhawk View Post
But didn't they send a shuttle through a shield in 'The Best of Both Worlds'?
In canon, the Borg don't use standard shields on their ships, per se. The regenerative ability of their ships is considered adequate, plus they can tune their hull to repel weapons damage of that same type, much like the individual drones can ("Q Who?"). The Federation eventually, and obviously, found ways to delay or negate that modulation, but the fact remains... they don't use defensive shields.

They did, however, use a low-intensity subspace (or possibly magnetic.. been a while since I watched that episode) field to prevent unwanted transporter activity to their ship in TBoBW Pt 2. This field was bypassed via shuttle, as it could not stop regular matter, only low-intensity signal energy. Communications, transporters, that sort of thing. That's why the shuttle had to clear the field a second time once they had Locutus in hand.

So, yeah. Apples and oranges.