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03-19-2010, 06:29 PM
Originally Posted by Hnos
Well, it is quite easy, I am a captain lvl 8 engineer commanding a cruiser, and it took me 15 minutes to destroy the ISS Molly.

As soon as the option "jam the sensor" was available, I used it in the same time I boosted weapons with some type as battery, and during the cooldown of sensor jamming I managed the damages she caused to my ship. Easily done.

Ok, but he is not a Engineer in a Cruiser so its not easy...You have waaay more hull rating than we do.I have the same problem with beating the ISS Molly. I am a Tactical officer in a Tactical ship and i tried it at Cpt 8 a few times and then again at Cpt 10. I manage to get him down to around 10% every time and EVERY time he manages to hit me so hard that it takes my shields down and does 25%-35% damage and if thats not enough to kill me he has already sent out more torps to finish me off...I have all Mark 8 weapons, same with the rest of my ship. At this point i dont remember what the reward is, but in 2 lvls it will most likely be a waste of time.... In my opinion it could be made just a tad easier, or change the lvl range.