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03-19-2010, 08:03 PM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
Someone wants traitorous characters please think about it. While the Klingons may be a "Bad" guy their honor code would prevent them from giving captaincy to someone that is a traitor.

The Feds have no problem accepting traitors to their species? One would think KDF intelligence might slip a few spies in amongst those Fed faction Klingon traitors. By the same token, KDF should have no problem accepting an occasional sociopath or mercenary Federation species Captain. Who better to use on a suicide mission? Or are those Fed Klingons all clones, store bought and brainwashed faux Klingons?

Maybe the Klingons raised a test batch of Federation species clones and brought them up as Klingons? There could be many twists of logic no more contrived than how there came to be so many Klingons serving in Star Fleet.

A stray thought - at this point there may be more RA Klingons than BG Klingons.