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03-19-2010, 08:18 PM
Well considering a single one-man fighter blew up the first Death Star, and a small group of ships blew up the second Death Star, seems a few shuttles from the Enterprise could have blown it up long before it got that close to Earth.

They did a great job on the Death Star firing though!

The caveat is, if it was a TNG-era Enterprise, it's much more likely that one or two blasts from an Imperial ion cannon might have knicked the Enterprise and caused a warp core breach, due to the incredible incompetence of Starfleet engineers and the quality of their ships.

Then of course there's the metaphysical argument... that most of the crew of the Enterprise had already died long ago, disintegrated and destroyed the first time they ever stepped on a working transporter pad. The only real casualties were knock-off clones, which are obviously incapable of having souls.