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Originally Posted by STObee
Not to put too much thought into this but -

How do the boarding parties get from their shuttlecraft onto the enemy ship??? Is that explained? Do they yell "trick or treat" and the enemy ship's shuttle bay opens, then closes, then pressurizes so they can jump out and surprise the enemy crew?
Technically, if you could get a shuttlecraft inside the shields of a ship, they could use the transporter inside the shuttle to beam aboard the enemy vessel. Alternatively, they could use the Type 4 phaser array the normal shuttlecraft are armed with to destroy the shuttlebay doors of the enemy ship and force their way into the shuttlebay. However, some ships just do not have shuttlebays, so that wouldn't always be an option.

That is, if a shuttlecraft could actually make it inside the shields of ship. Which they can't. Except in this game.

This has always been a question plaguing use of boarding parties via shuttlecraft. That's why Starfleet Battles/Starfleet Command boarding actions were always done via transporter raids. Boarding action in the midst of combat via shuttlecraft just isn't feasible. Erratic manuevers would prevent even skilled pilots from boarding, even if there wasn't the problem of getting the craft inside the shields.

If you could beam a boarding party aboard an enemy ship you could beam anything aboard - like say a 20 megaton thermonuclear warhead or a few containers of nerve agent - right? Conversely, you could beam anything off the enemy ship and rematerialize it anywhere within range, for example you could beam off the enemy bridge crew and rematerialize them in open space.
Too true.

All damaged ships still have gravity and ample atmoshpere throughout. Atmoshpere of the same type, at the same atmospheric pressure. All the player species home planets have roughly the same gravity. A species like the Gorns didn't grow up on a planet with twice earth gravity or something like that, which their ships might also have just to keep the owning species comfortable.
Eh... I'd love to see your explaination of boarding actions if the Tholians were in the game.

Boarding parties, being a common tactic in wartime, wouldn't result in certain defensive measures being designed into warships, particularly in sensitive areas like engineering, bridge, auxillary bridge, etc?
Another mechanic that lacks inside the game. It's assumed automatically that the boardee's ship will attempt to repel boarders. Back in Starfleet Battles days, players had to assign BPs to specific high-value targets, in case an enemy ship attempted a H&R against those areas. Incredibly shrewed players would, instead, send BPs to hit low-value targets, say Auxiliary Power Plants or Science Labs, and not waste a BP against a guarded target, while still damaging the ship in some capacity. However, with generalized game mechanics, and random effects, takes that aspect out of it.

A ship like a BoP with a small crew would send a boarding party (half the BoP crew) onto a full-sized cruiser with what expectations?
There really wouldn't be much expectation. Then again, BoPs usually have a crew complement of 12 officers and men. And in regards to this game's mechanics, they have no shuttlebay at all, so they really shouldn't even be able to send a boarding party.