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03-19-2010, 09:23 PM
The feds and klings were being nice to each other for a while, so some klingons might have moved fed side, and some fed species kling side, it's something that happens an awful lot "my god that's an afghan descendant in the british army fighting afghans, impossible!", wapanese wanting to move to Japan etc.

Additionally if we're to go "canon" on this then you have to remove gorns,orions,letheans,custom aliens and **** too from klingons, the argument it's not seen on screen so shouldn't ever happen in a game is ridiculous when taken to it's conclusion, which basically ends up as all klingons should be able to play is 1 species...... klingons, yay how very fun.

Klingons don't accept traitors? They seemed to warm up enough to Worf.

Drop the heresy to canon stuff already.

It's amusing Star Trek apparently is meant to encourage things like open mindedness but some canon lovers can be anything but.