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03-20-2010, 12:05 AM
I just entered the borg warzone, kerat system, and after doing a couple of battles, it transfered me to the Klingon side again, lol. My defiant must be cursed. Logging seems to work though, haven't tried just re-queing, queues taking too long.

EDIT: Unless Warzones place you at random, which means you can end up at either side? Working as intended, or no? I saw some other players fighting against each other too. I also just entered another pvp map, this one was cracked planetoid, and I was allied with everyone, didn't appear on the scoreboard either. I'm probably going to switch back to my default cruiser and see how that goes. Something is screwy here.

UPDATE: It's now Saturday, after switching out of my Defiant, I haven't had any issues. Heh. I'll keep updating if this stuff happens more, because this cross faction stuff doesn't seem like it's supposed to be that way, especially in the regular battlegrounds. Mind you, I'm not complaining, just informing. (I'm Admiral level fyi, I like to try out the older ships, maybe that's what's bugging stuff, switching to older ships)