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03-20-2010, 01:29 AM
I realised when I had scanned the fourth crate and found no weapons what was going on. And what I found in the computer only confirmed that. From that point on, I felt like one of those cartoon-characters that have been fooled and put on a paper hat or sign around their neck saying "Sucker!". I knew I was being fooled but couldn't do anything about it.

My suggestion: Turn this mission into a two-way mission.

Option A: Though some things seem odd, the character (not the player) trusts in Admiral Zelle's evaluation of the situation and goes on, kinda "lead on, Macduff"-style.

Option B: After not finding any weapons in the crates and checking the computer, the character (again, not the player) goes "something's rotten in the State of Denmark" (to stick with Shakespeare) and threatens to abort the mission for further investigation.

At that point, Zelle reveals who she is, transforms into a Romulan and runs away, screaming bloody murder and alerting every single Romulan in the area to the presence of the Away Team. Of course, they'll come running to fend off the intruders (who've already killed or at least injured many other Romulans - good enough reasons to show some hostile reaction).

The mission, from this point onward, would be to reach the Romulan commander and warn her. Of course, that attempt would fail. There would be a fight with the commander and with Zelle present. Right at the point where the commander gives up the fight and my team could talk to her, Zelle kills her, transforms into her and gets out the way she already does: pretending she's the Romulan commander. And my team can't stop her ship, either. All that is left is to report to Starfleet.

Why two options? Well, there's some who believe in their superiors and will trust them and their judgement and thus, go along with what they're ordered. Others might take the military approach and go "I'm under orders, so I do as I'm told". And others again will stop to think, say "hey, that's odd" and act accordingly. So the two options would be for the sake of character development for those who like to role-play their characters.