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03-20-2010, 06:22 AM
Originally Posted by Aliyah-Jade
I got a fed and a klink character. The klink is way easier in PvP. Almost like I don't have to try. On my fed, i'm always getting killed by cloaked ships. I'll be at 33% hull strength before I can even target them. Maybe if feds had better shields.

Just some random thoughts. Not a coherent argument. Not taking side.
LOL, you ALREADY have better shields with the Federation, not to mention stronger hulls!

Fed Science Ships, which the Klingons don't have, have this trait. Not to mention access to some VERY nice PvE shield quest rewards, which Klingons have nothing comparable to.

In short, if you're going to LIE, please, be more convincing.

If you're getting killed before you can even target someone:
1) Your reactions are too slow. PvP is fast, especially if you fly Escorts. You hit hard, but can die very quickly.
2) Not recognizing (quickly) what defensive skills to use to keep yourself from being blasted by an alpha strike.
3) You're not used to PvP. The Klingon players are not those lame ships you farm at Starbase 24. PvP is a whole lot more dynamic fight than PvE.