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03-20-2010, 10:40 AM
Originally Posted by Zarro View Post
Section 42, one of STO's first RP fleets is hosting an RP episode. This is a storyline much like an episode, but does not have any official rewards or automated log entry (like an in game mission would). This is a test run of the idea and if it turns out well we plan on doing these weekly.

These episodes will have a very vague pre-planned storyline but has multiple outcomes and can go in several different directions dependent of the choice of the players. These outcomes can go from "saving the day" to a nice little chat and reprimand from an admiral.

The first episode will have a rather lighthearted and fun feel (as some of the series episodes did). It will start about 10:00 PM GMT (8:00 PM EDT ect) tomorrow and will take place in the Sirius sector block. If you want to participate wait there and look for the Priority One call over the RP channel.

Hope to see a lot of people out there.
Good to see that fleets are RP'in....especially in all the dumb crap that's talked about in zone lol...

Hmmm Zarro....that name is similar to a name I knew in SWG " Zaro-Yan" and other alts that included Zaro/Zarro for a time. Any relation to the SWG one or just a coincidence? (Server was Europe-Farstar).