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03-20-2010, 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by RCSlyman View Post
Which is fine, if they actually develop that form of warp drive, get it to work, and take mankind into the stars in the next few decades. That'd be awesome. We'd be living the dream. Well, ok, our kids would be living the dreams. But still! Mankind reaching the stars! Let's just hope we don't take the politics with us, cuz good God, the Milky Way would unite to obliterate us before we even got to Alpha Centari.

However, that's not the warp drive of Trek. I know, I know. Just sayin'.

Ugh. This is going to prove I've watched too much Star Trek. lol. And read too many books, including technical manuals. Interesting how I can do all that as a teenager and then 15 years later, still remember just about everything. But I digress..

Basic Warp theory in Star Trek states that the warp field is produced by the warp engine and then tuned through the plasma flows to the warp nacelles. The warp field does push "part" of the ship into subspace. Part, but not all. It is done that way to kind of sidestep Einstien's e=mc2 where as you approach lightspeed your mass approaches infinite and thus you need infinite energy to achieve full lightspeed.

By slipping "part" of the ship into subspace, through the warp field, it would negate the mass restrictions to approaching lightspeed and you could use a standard matter/antimatter reactor to give you the final push.

With that being said, even though 'part' of the ship is in subspace, it does not allow you a "phase transition". You can not fly directly through something while in warp.

My brain hurts now.