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03-20-2010, 10:56 AM
Originally Posted by Alacrity7
Yea, I'm totally confused and what I seem to want to do isn't an option.

I'm a Lt. Cmdr 4. I trained up and got a new skill to train my tactical officer(Proton Torpedo III). I trained her the skill and it was accepted and I increased also her rank.

Her second level training had Proton Torpedo Rank II for me to train up and use while in space combat.

So, my question is how do you replace the bridge officers skill that's a toggle in combat (I want to replace proton II with the proton III) with one you trained them in? (right now it almost seems like there is no purpose to me skilling up as they are not using those skills I train them in)

It just seems like you cant change what skill they have as a toggle or what they train up in. I know I must be missing something.
I have to quote myself from above again:

Originally Posted by Admiral-Flint
To use HY III you have to promote that tactical officer to Lt. Cmdr or higher. To do so you have to hold the rank of Commander or higher yourself.
Once the Bridge Officer in question is promoted to the correct rank you will be able to invest skill points into his HY III skill.

For HY III to show up on your list of available BO abilities in space you have to be using an escort class ship of tier 3 or higher, made available to players with the rank of commander or higher, respectively.
The ship classes offering BO stations capable of supporting the HY III skills thus are: "heavy escort", "tactical escort", "advanced escort" or "fleet escort".
If/once you are using such a ship you have to use the "assignments" tab of your status screen to put the tactical officer in question into the corresponding station slot, ie. either a Lt. Cmdr.- or a Cmdr. one.
This comes in addition to the first outlined need to promote said officer ot Lt. Cmdr. or higher.
Also, regarding the "overwriting" again a quote from above:
Originally Posted by Admiral-Flint
HY III will always only be available as a rank 3/lt. cmdr level ability, reverse shield polarity III will always be rank 4/cmdr level and so on.
What that means is you can not replace, or "toggle" as you put it, Torpedo High Yield II in favor of HY III.
That is because HY III goes in the rank 3/Lieutenant Commander ability slot of your bridge officer.

So, again: to use HY III you have to fulfill all the above requirements: hold the rank of commander yourself, promote your BO to Lt. Cmdr, fly an escort class ship of tier 3 or higher and have that BO assigned to the correct bridge station. Only then will it show up for you to use. But, once more, you can not put HY III in the slot of HY II or HY I.