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03-20-2010, 12:58 PM
also, in addition to the problem of not having any Mk X shields, engines or deflectors at all, this vendor will only take T3 pvp medals for the Mk VIII (T4) shields. this is all well and good if you happened to enter T4 with a big surplus of T3 medals, but if you didn't there is no way to get your blue T4 ship shield. you can't even pve for it because the pve vendor in Qonos will also only take T3 pve badges for the Mk VIII shields (and once you hit T4 there's no way to get any more T3 badges -- those pve missions become unavailable).

this means that from level 31 through 40, klingon players have to either use white ship shields, or buy shields on the exchange from fed players who have access to better gear. at 41, klingons must either finish the Empire Defense mission 4 times (which is 12 rounds of mind-numbing soul-destroying npc-killing) BECAUSE DOING IT 3 TIMES LEAVES YOU EXACTLY 1 BADGE SHORT OF BEING ABLE TO BUY YOUR MK X SHIELD, or just go without a good shield until they hit 45 and have accumulated enough marks of honor to buy a purple one.

and if you fly more than one ship in T5, and don't want to have to keep swapping your good gear back and forth between them, you have to do all this multiple times.

so, let's review. when a klingon reaches T5, they need 156 marks of honor to buy a purple ship shield, deflector dish and impulse engine. that's 32 days of dailies (same as feds, no problem there except that feds feds only need 16 days if they do their pve dailies as well, which klingons can't do). if they don't want to be stuck using whites all that time or want to be able to use those marks for other things like ground gear or ship weapons, they will need 678 badges of exploration, which requires completion of the Empire Defense mission 10 times (which requires 30 rounds of killing Cardassion or Borg npc's). or they can buy the gear from feds (usually at a steep markup on the exchange). klingons have NO OTHER OPTION.