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03-20-2010, 01:10 PM
I got the quest (3 space war zones) from Mara, but have to turn it in on someone else? The only contact not on Quo'Nos I have is a guy... something with R... Radak, Rodek, something like that. Hmm, I'll go back to the station and just try to talk to everyone with a sign over the head, maybe I find the right one.

For the 50 ground NPC kills... PvP doesn't count. I was in several matches on the Abandoned House and Ghost Ship maps, each with 40 kills. Someone in my team tried to finish the same quests (die 25 times and kill 50 NPCs). Seeing we were only 3 people, and won each time, including taking turns as top scorer... it was clearly us killing over 100 ground players. I'm pretty certain it doesn't count.
I also still have the quest "kill 10 turrets" and can't really figure out what I'm supposed to do. I killed tons of turrets fabricated by Fed engineers, and I killed ships that probably had phaser turrets, but its still 0/10. What exactly am I supposed to kill and where?

I'll try fleet actions - if it lets me enter those - and hope that will count for something. For now, there seems to be nothing but the Kahless Expanse I can do and turn in, except for hanging out in PvP queques. I'm at Lt. 10 1.5, and find it not too appealing to repeat the same 2 missions over and over again, or get tiny XP from waiting ages in PvP until I level up. Hitting Lt. Commander *will* give me something else to do, yes?