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03-20-2010, 01:19 PM
Originally Posted by TheSquez View Post
Missions and Locations

* Fleet actions are now level banded to make scoring fairer and more challenging for all players. Players who enter a fleet action mission will be sent to an instance with players within a specific level range and enemies on the map will be scaled appropriately. Rewards are also now scaled based on the level band of the Fleet Action you are sent to. This change also makes many Fleet Actions playable for all levels of players, although Fleet Actions still have a minimum level requirement based on the initial mission that offers you the Fleet Action.
That is quoted from the Tribble Release Notes,

So, at the moment being it will be -14, but the moment Season One goes live it will be level banded.

I've been there with my RA5 and is hard, no matter what level you are at, mostly because of the massive amount of players that do not know what to do. And I doubt you would be able to solo it. Firstly because you will hardly find an instance that is empty and secondly, if you are able to find one, it would still take you a lot of time to finish it.