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03-20-2010, 02:57 PM
Today's Market Watch Report

In the exchange today at 3:30 CDT it was found that all type 72% & 64% food had gone up dramatically in price.

72% at all time market highs today most at double normal prices
64% at around 400% of their normal prices including purchasable food items

Analysts assume this to be a move on the gold spammers part to control the markets price points on semi-exotic and exotic foods. It is believed that this is a market hiccup and that the market will adjust to normal over the long term.

Had to laugh at some of the prices they were trying to get. For example

Bajoran Larish Pie at 5000 when it can be bought for 20.
Quadrotritacale was being offered at 100,000 when it currently does nothing beneficial to breeders.

This concludes today's Market Watch Report.