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03-20-2010, 04:43 PM
The event has ended. Thanks to everyone who came out. It went as follows;

USS Divinity's Edge called for assistance on RP channel. Citing engine trouble and being under attack by Klingons.
Four players came to the aid of the Edge and fought off the Klingons.
Players come aboard the Edge and find the engines are down due to a tribble infestation.
Players beam some tribbles to a nearby klingon ship, but a small percentage were not transported.
The other tribbles are sent to live out their remaining lives in the virtual environment of a holodeck. They are not fed so they can not reproduce.

This is the best possible outcome. Other outcomes that could have been reached were the Tribbles being spaced (leading to bad PR for starfleet and a reprimand from an admiral). Tribbles being sterilized and distributed amongst crew-members and tribbles being exterminated by a virus- leading to bad ethical issues.

This event was such a success we are planning to have another one next week (on Saturday) at about the same time. Look for the thread on Thursday.