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Originally Posted by Kieshdor View Post
The Defiant in it self is just a 5 man fighter craft with about 45+ repair team crew in all sense of ship design. The peregrine is an escort ship also labeled as a fighter. There are also many single person craft that truly are fighter craft, there even stationed near Jupiter.

I don't care what comes out for the federation but what i want to see is weapons that will reach out past 10Km to engage targets like permanent High yield torpedoes that are able to be shot down that are only fit-able on certain ships like the Akira it should have some special torpedoes (becouse so far in every game that this ship is in it has been know to use torpedoes a lot more than any other ship) or the defiant should be able to drop a mine (regardles of wither it has a mine deploy loaded into it or not). Simple thing that should of been in this game really aren't.

The game is quite underdeveloped and even still in the future it still will be especially with this instance sytem it has just does not promote the star trek feel its suposed to have. The game is way to stat based for its own good and skill is only aplied to what buttons you hit and just how fast. The game does no good to the Vo'Quv at all either there are too little Fighter types(interceptors, fighters, heavy fighters, bombers and stealth fighters) and not enough craft able to be deployed while under combat.

All Cruisers should have a hanger bay because of the shuttle bay. And they should be able to luanch the Delta Flyer. While to ballance out the Vo'Quv give it one more hanger or 2. Tom Paris was a genius when it came to designing that ship. It is a multi purpose ship that was powerfull enough to double as a fighter when needed, but it was still a shuttle in the end to hold true to the federation standards and it was about the same size or smaller than a danube.

The Federation is a bit more vicious and darker than people actually realize and tend to sugar coat a lot of things they do in the name of peace and exploration like building full blow warships with varying sizes of science facilities on board, or manned observation post on undeveloped worlds as one of the few minor details. Another thing is We have foward facing arrays and cannons but what about side facing arrays and cannons like some ships actually had, speaking of which why the hell is my dual beam arrays and cannons firing out of my nacelles, the ram scoops particularly. I find that a breach in the design codes of conduct set by the lore of Star Trek it self.
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I disagree with a lot of these points of yours so i don't think i'm gonna go point by point on them when i fixed your insane wall of text.