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# 1 MaYHeM Inc Fleet wants you!
03-21-2010, 12:04 AM
Ok, I'm sure that this will just catch me more B.S! But MaYHeM Inc is a role play fleet, I run it along with my friend and we're still looking for fleet members who want to be senior staff.

Now in an effort to get hooked up with fellow role players, I joined the Star Trek Online Role Players(STORP) chat channel. Well I try and look for some members and ofcourse I get made fun of, now thats not why I'm writing this. I'm 27 years old...some punks talkin smack in a chat channel doesnt bother me. But I know there's people out there that get ridiculed for asking a question or trying to find good people to help them...or just to talk to.

So I say to the people like me...trying to find good players....with questions once in awhile...who want to experience the game as it was intended...with people online as a community....COME TO MAYHEM INC!

In MaYHeM Inc, you wont be made fun of, where the only dumb question is the one you dont answer. Where we will work hard to experience all aspects of the game. If you cant find me online when your on just drop me an e-mail or an in game mail...and check out our role play board.

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