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03-21-2010, 12:39 AM
His point is that these people shouldn't be using the "Report Spam" feature if they don't want to see his fleet recruitment messages. That is what "Ignore" is for.


"The Report Spam functionality is for reporting real money transaction spammers only. Remember, the GMs still review the reports that are generated when you use this functionality, so every time you report someone, we see your name and the line of chat you reported as spam. This means that abuse is very clear. If you see or hear of players abusing it, there is no need to let us know; we will see the automatic reports as they come.

Abusing the system will result in severe penalties against your account. With great power comes great responsibility. Your cooperation is required to fight against the spammers, so please do your part and only use it for legitimate reasons."

I'm sure they will see who reported him, and deal with them accordingly.