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03-21-2010, 01:52 AM
Originally Posted by Redcomprime
I never played Star Wars Galaxies, but I read that when it came out it was very sophisticated, and not everyone could become a Jedi. When people left the game in droves they nerfed it so that pretty much everyone was a Jedi.

How does this game compare?
SWG when it first released was a masterpiece, if it stayed it's course it would be as much of a hit as WoW is today.

Becoming a jedi was a long and tedious process. It could take months to complete the trials to become a jedi.

Then, they release NGE and CU updates. Which dumbed down the game by a huge amount. It merged their great diverse class system (Which had unlimited possibilities) into 9 default classes. They also tried to implement a FPS aspect into the game with CU, that had no place. Some will argue that it's fine now, yet those are the same people who never played pre-NGE/CU and they are idiots.

Basically, SWG when it first released was a shining beacon of MMO gaming. It was by far the best MMO game I have ever played. When they patched it with NGE/CU, a MASSIVE amount of people left and the game died.

How does this game compare?

When SWG first release, it would emit a shadow over this game that STO could never get out of. STO doesn't compare one bit to SWG.

Post NGE/CU? STO wins that battle...