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03-21-2010, 02:52 AM
Originally Posted by Amido
I will add to the others that say remove web address, when i see .com refelexes take over to report spam
What about .org?

How about .net?

Let's not forget .edu?

Do those tickle your "report spam" reflex?
So if I understand you correctly, all URLs have to be messaged outside of zone chat
because they may be the URL of a game money seller. The whole point of saying
"Got fleet? Check us out at" was to make it easy, simple, and SHORT.
Seriously, you aren't going to tell me that the "6thfleet" part is just a blur,
and all that is seen is the ".com"??? Give me a break. And you know *very*
well the real game money seller spam posts are long and detailed.