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03-21-2010, 05:34 AM
Originally Posted by Cerritouru View Post
You get 5 marks of valor, that in the future you are going to trade for something.
And the last boss drop a vary rare graund item (most of the time useless) and 2 greens items (most of the time MK-IX and useless).
I really hope that in the future, with 1 mark of valor you could buy a orion slave girl.. beacose if you need 10 marks of valor for one very rare pistol, i am going to be mad.
The part with the Stuff is particulary true.
You only get the medalls for the first time of each substep until you finish the whole mission.

Means, if youve done it 99 times and couldnt get the queen down, youll get 2 Marks of Valor
(for the first comletion of the ground substep).