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03-21-2010, 09:07 AM
Indeed, non combat must be replayable : if Cryptic just add a few more "miners on strike" mission, it won't work at all. Different systems were suggested on this forum to add non-combat to semi-randomly generated missions (i.e. Genesis content).

1) Science / puzzles

They can be simulated by minigames. They should be skippable because they could be boring to the most action driven players. Here is a thread with awesome examples of minigames especially designed for STO (with mock-ups) :

2) Diplomacy

Diplomacy has been heavily discussed and several different systems were suggested :
  • Reputation system : your actions give you reputation points with the other factions, allowing you certain missions or actions (EvE Online)
  • Card game : this was succesfully used in a not so succesful MMO (Vanguard)
  • 2 skills (Diplomacy / Intimidation) allowing you to open a channel and try to negociate with your opponents or to scare them (Mass Effect)
  • Another system suggested by xMentalxLintx here :