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03-21-2010, 08:42 AM
I am a QA tester by profession at this time. It is my experience that developers have an emotional attachment to their code and wish testers would dry up and blow away. I am concerned with a portion of the Dev's first post:

"First off, I want to make the following explcitly clear, Cryptic Studios does not in any way "expect" our users to submit bug reports. This is an entirely voluntary process provided so that those users interested can submit both Feedback and any Issues they encounter."

I noticed that if i click HELP (it is called HELP, not Bug Report), it opens a little window that gives me a variety of choices regarding with what I need help. There are not very good general categories, but they will do for now. So I am in a mission that is bugged and cannot complete it. I receive a response from the GM or whomever, thank you for the BUG REPORT. What's the deal. I am not testing at home, that was a HELP link I clicked seeking HELP in my gameplay. When I look at the canned responses I receive when I submit a ticket, I know that Cryptic is expecting us to submit bug reports.

This game has good potential. The key here will be, can Cryptic keep enough players to support the game to get it there. Many of us have lifetime subscriptions, but I suspect there are many more monthly subscriptions that will just lapse as the game is fairly buggy and boring at the moment which is frustrating for many people. Half the folks I know that came through beta and the headstart have just let their accounts close. Not a good sign. Now, even the lifetime subscription people are talking about going to play something else and why did Star Trek give the rights to Cryptic who already has a bad reputation in mmorpg for city of heroes.

So they say QA testing is at the bottom of the priorities for Cryptic. Suggest they do more of it and fix their code before they promote it to production.