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03-21-2010, 08:46 AM
Rofl, I actually feel that the combat is repetitive. I even have 3 different classes of officer so that I am forced to use at least half of the skills unique to that class and thus make combat different. But, to me, its all .. shoot this, shoot that .. rofl. Of course thats how all these games work so I live with it. I would just like more alternatives than the anomaly scan in space and on the planet and the computer tests in the base for when I want a break from killing everything in sight because I don't have a choice rofl.

1. I would like additional repeatable but random missions that are class specific. For one, this would give people a reason to use their class specific abilities instead of ignoring them to boost their space stats due to stat limitations.

2. Lets make the Patrols repeatable as has been mentioned in several threads including my own. I loved some of those missions and it seems such a waste of space to see all those systems and not be able to visit them again.

3. Why does every planet exploration that has the enemy beam down have to make them instantly kill you on sight. Why not have it so that they are other scientists wanting to study them too. Why not have it turn into a race to find them first or work together. Especially the latter if this was a neutral race that is not affiliated with Klingon space at all and thus could learn to become a member of the Federation at some point.
Perhaps if the diplomatic way it was dealt with opens up communication for further missions to help them in another part of space previously unknown.

This game has so much potential if only there were tools to help us help Cryptic make these ideas bear fruit.