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03-21-2010, 09:55 AM
Originally Posted by Synacus View Post
Doubt anyone has been as hard on crytic than I have....but this new patch has turned the corner.Maybe i am just in love with my new BoP mix and match design i have made or maybe i have had to much blood wine but im close to lifetime

'More stuff'..
I doubt you've been as hard on Cryptic as others. Still yes the 45 day patch is a step.. A step many feel should have been in at release, but Cryptic had a deadline, and had to ship.. All bloodwine under the bridge now.

Is it cause for a new wave of Klingon players to Lifetume up? Hardly.

Will it stop the Fed's from trolling our boards saying we got new content, so stop QQ'in? Doubtfull.

Still it's nice to see some Klingon players gratefull for the addition of basic gameplay fundamentals like visable BO's on the bridge, and useable in some much needed non PvP-grind content.

We are still second class citizens in STO, and feel like a 'monsterplay add-on' to Federation Online. Maybe someday, eventually soon(tm) as Cryptic continues to add stuff we may become the second faction originally intended in their pre-launch video's and material.

So my fellow Mongrel.. uh.. Klingons, put down the pitchforks, grab a glass of bloodwine, pet your targ, and give them the chance to continue adding what we should already have been enjoying.

ker-pla, or whatever it is..