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03-21-2010, 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by STObee
Oh I'm pretty sure there are folks that are harder on Cryptic. You didn't by any chance drink some of the Cryptic Kool-Aid from Tribble?

A patch with double the content of "season one" solely devoted to Klingons wouldn't put a noticable dent in the disparity of content (PvE + PvP + customization) that differentiates Federation from Klingon factions.

Season One is approximately 3 parts Fed and 1 part Klingon. Reverse that ratio and 10 updates later Kligons will still not have HALF the content available to the Federation faction.
hahah bee , who has been more unruley than me???

Thats two 100 plus posts topics giving them **** for the job they are doing.

If you look at what we got and what the feds got we got tons of stuff , the feds got two new missions and some clothes lol.Now im not defending crytic , but it is getting better.