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03-21-2010, 08:48 PM
Originally Posted by Synacus View Post
Ok the outfitts Ill give ya , but the other things need to stay the same Feds are better at science and should stay that way.I want the sides to Stay differnt the more you make each side the same the less each faction means.
I said I miss the target sub systems, not I want them for KDF. With science ship, I only mean a science ship in general - with a different focus, probably. I play sci for the sake of roleplay, engineers or tacticals don't fit that. So I just want something useful yet different from Fed to fly.
Feds are not 'better at science' by definition, they just have other priorities. That could reflect on ship types and careers, too. A Fed officer, for example, doesn't really need any other knowledge about cloaking than 'how to disable enemy cloak' and 'how to locate cloaked enemy'; KDF officers need to know how to build, repair and operate cloaking devices.