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03-21-2010, 11:29 PM
Ok Synacus, I've looked over a few of your posts / threads, and yes I suppose you have been giving it a go. Much more so than I realized ( not like that makes others of us 'vocal minority' less than ) so I appologize for doubting you.

We need members like you, and Vulk to constantly, and consistantly stand up for the Klingon faction. I too used to more critical than I am now, but I looked at my warnings for stiring up trouble, and gave in a bit. For me I'd rather have more tame posts, than go all 'I told cryptic how they are messing up our game' and get banned.

I'd support a million Klingon march idea, except one problem... There's not a million Klingons TO march.. and somehow the 10 Klingon march dosen't feel like it would make a difference :p

I guess we're like the Klingons in the JJ Abrams movie, a deleted scene some may see when they look up the added features from the DVD, but like R2-D2, and the Romulan TOS BoP's added to the Narada.. not even noticed by the masses.