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03-22-2010, 12:41 AM
Well you can fight Rebecca either from corner or from the entrance of the last room. The entrance has huge advantage that you dont have to worry about tactical borg - they dont shoot you there. Advantage of corner is that Rebecca comes close to you and you can melee her, while she has weaker attack on close range, but you will be shot by tactical borg all time and have to fight them as well.

If I compare corner and entrance strategy, I still think entrance strategy is better, making cover shield wall there and shoot Rebecca from that spot. You can also res your fallen mates there quite easily without interruption, and heal them. The only real problem is Rebeccas AoE attack that is triggered by a big light blue circle around player - if she aggros the player with circle and shoots him, it does AoE damage to all around and the damage is quite big.

Crucial is to keep yourself and your mates alive, much more important than shooting her, so if someone falls unconsious, res him as fast as possible. And one more thing - she needs to take damage all the time or she regens to full health after a little while... so dont let her wait for too long in the air without attack.