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03-22-2010, 02:48 AM
nice gesture zerubbabel, but getting united will not solve the lack of interest the developers have shown thus far in "our side".

It would be ok if they had said from the start; this is it, deal with it, Klingon's are just a PvP race, no substance at all what so ever. Expectation maganagement is where developers are struggling with as it seems.

I applaud their attempt like with the engineering reports to be more transparant, but they are just simply too slow to keep up with our high, on-demand player base, also on Fed side. Don't forget, STO was build as a single-player game it feels, and when reaching RA5 on Fed side, the "giant big universe" suddenly is closed for business.

Again, expectation management. They lack the resources/foresight to have seen this coming, or were unwilling to resolve the matter, anyway, the STO base will have to rely on slow progressing players to keep ther subscriptions running, all heavy-duty gamers already did it all and get little satisfaction besides some new missions that seem clones of each other, no real inovative work. They even expect us to do it every day repeatedly for slighty better equipement, yeah right, as if I am gonna invest that much time in a slightly better shielding, designed against Borgs for repatative missions that get boring real fast.

Ever heared of STOgold, for 10 bucks I can buy such a shield/weapon and saving myself the time(dozens of hours). I do not condone selling energy credits, but developers seem to play in their cards with this type of "reward-time consumption" trade off.

Hail the future developers that can keep up with changing markets and get that we are an on-demand generation with serious money, it's not like we are not willing to pay premium for our whishes, they just don't seem to realize it.

Long live the empire! (on dvd and syndication)