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Hi guys & gals. I'm kinda a former trekikie, but I guess we never stop being trekkies. I used to run the website while I was in college and once I sold the domain I have honestly have not been interested in Star Trek at all until I heard there was an online game coming out. IIt's about time Star Trek created a game like this because there are so many possibilities involed with the genre. In fact, I gave up running my news website to play Star Wars Galaxies. I had hopes and realized them in making a Dark Jedi Master, which I did achieve before SOE screwed the entire game up and everyone left for WOW on our server.

Truth is this ... World of ******** is a grind fest I'm totally sick of it and no longer have fun playing. There are raid schedules you have to keep. Guilds hope you get the 25 players geared for their roles online ... on time and ready to go... as well as prepared ( which NEVER happens ). And if you want to gear doing PvP? ... Takes less help but almost as much time.

I want to experience everthing Star Trek in this game. There are so many possiibilities. It's an endless resource for content... I just want a game that is not a grind fest and totally true to the Trek Universe which offers a hell of a lot of content.

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This is exactly why we need individual player ships, lol. Props to you guys for getting that part right. I played Final Fantasy 11 (mmorpg) and loved it... but it was the same way. Couldn't do anything without the help of level capped players... couldn't find people to do missions with any more... updates were rare and when they came out, they didn't balance with the rest of the game, etc.

The playability in STO sounds great, not only because you can do what you want when you want to, but because you'll be able to play solo as much as you want (with the exception of larger battles and instanced events, I'm sure). You can work together when you want to, but you won't have to all the time. This will mean the game will last longer and will be playable even after the initial players stop playing (... if they ever stop playing. ^^ )