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# 17 Klingons in July
03-22-2010, 06:33 AM
Don't know if it has been mentioned here but Cryptic has given us a tentative time-table for serious Klingon PVE.
Now I know many of the KDF would like to see something earlier than this but the big thing we have been asking for lately is communication and a dev to come out and tell us SOMETHING!

Well now they have.

Originally Posted by dstahl
After getting out of a scheduling meeting today I can give a quick update on this.

Klingon PVE episodes have been confirmed to be in the Season Two update plan and the design pod is starting work on the content next week. Season Two is scheduled to be released this summer. It is a decent amount of content so will take some time to make it cool.

I'll be tracking this content as we get closer via the Engineering Report forum. Keep in mind that schedules are always subject to change - but hopefully this will give you an idea.

And yes before we all start lamenting the wait...our last big request we have been asking for is communication. Here it is. I will wait to see now. Will I wait in or out of game? Dunno. But our question has been asked and answered for the time being.
Sure, we would have liked more and sooner.....but who wouldnt in our positions. But now I have an informed position to go on.
Let us look towards Season 2. If it isnt there by then...well.....we will see, we will see.
So for now, though yes I of course would like my x-mas earlier, shall protest no longer.
Yes we know it should have come sooner, yes we know it should have been done differently and in a different manner.
But in Cryptics defense RIGHT NOW....The question was asked, and an answer has been given. And for that I say to Cryptic: Thank you for communicating this to us.

Now let the waiting begin

<and Yes I am cross posting across a cpl threads to get the word out>