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# 1 Planet Sigma Cassiopiae K385
03-22-2010, 06:48 AM
Simple B-Tran daily mission. Enter and beam down to planet to engage the borg. Unfortunately you beam into a rock and can't get out. beam out, re-enter system and bam, inside the rock again. We have 3 RA5s that run these dailies and normally you hit one or two missions like this every day between them but lately (as in yesterday) we hit 7 missions... Most of them being enemy confrontation with no enemies. Go hail the freighter but either the freighter won't talk to you or it simply isn't there. My favorite is scan the probe parts and one of the pieces is buried under the ground so far you can't scan it. I know you all are well aware of this problem but it seems to have gotten worse since the last patch. On a positive side, entering the explore missions with your teammates is working much better.