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03-22-2010, 03:18 PM
generally, I'd agree with OP.
but one thing we need before you get a class specific ship at the start is: MORE SHIPS
nothing wrong with more ships.
maybe upgradeable ships? modifyable ships? (mods that effect number and type of consoles, weapons configurations etc.)
I would like to see lower tier ships have an upgraded [refit] version for endgame.
I really wanna fly an Akira, but it just sucks at endgame. you can hear the klingons mocking you just before you explode...
and it would be nice if the Federation, in all its wisdom, could design a space ship that has the ability to roll!
full ship control would add near infinite depth to the already awesome ship combat.
i know its not going to happen, but i still like to complain about it.