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03-22-2010, 03:05 PM
Originally Posted by charlie-zulu
Yes, it could ( and actually does) discourage people, because it shows "how much" attention to details the programmer had,.. all those small things like lacking/entirely wrong details on starship models, ugly textures (on starships) etc etc shows me, that those programmers/designers had no clue what they are doing or that they were very unmotivated.

They are obviously not able to create a small routine which checks, if the front of the starship is "clear" or not prior to a warp jump.. what can I expect from them at all?!
Ohh, I know the answer to this one. We can expect that they aren't willing to waste our time with worthless routines and details, like waiting for our ship to turn around before warping out, instead of letting us get back to playing asap. Well, that is as soon as we click 'Yes, I really want to go to the next map'.