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03-22-2010, 03:45 PM
I just finished reading the Ten Tons Hammer interview. Nothing new to those who follow the game news on a daily basis but that's okay, many players don't do that.

Zinc explained the new communication policy : "communicate more, communicate often about what you're doing" (even if some projects will be delayed). I strongly support this policy and I definitely hope that this transparency will be rewarded. I'm also very pleased with the "release early, release often" policy : to have something new every couple of weeks, especially when it's something that a lot of people want (shields ring off/on toggle, difficulty sliders, autofire etc. etc.) makes me an happy tribble.

Kudos to Cryptic for these changes and I really, really, really hope that the community will understand what you're trying to do (I almost typed "will get it" *wink wink nudge nudge*).

Of course, I cannot post something positive without whining and ranting This interview (and it's Zinc *AND* TTH's fault !) somehow managed to avoid talking about the 4 most desired gameplay features asked by the players who took the survey, i.e. Ship Interiors, Bridge Functionality, First Contact Missions, Diplomacy System.

My advice, guys : when 40 000 subscribers ask for something, you don't "forget" to talk about it when you have a chance. Even if you did not start working on these things, tell us how you will do it, what are your different options or at the very least why you don't know yet how you will do it etc. etc.

Thanks for the news, I'll go listen to Diana Sherman now (never heard about this writer, I thought that the poor Kestrel was doing all the job on her own )