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03-22-2010, 05:23 PM
I love RP'ers. They add a sence of atmosphere and entertainment to the game that normaly isn't there. And it does give one the option to RP, if one is so inclined.

Back to the issue though. I believe Klingons came out the way they did because Cryptic ran out of time. They had a set date they needed to launch, long before they made it official, and just didn't have time to make deep, time-consuming content for both faction. A spokesperson stated in a thread on this forum that content would be comming. There will probably be a good, solid content release this summer I believe he stated.

Sadly I cannot source the link, it was a representative answering a thread, not starting one.

My point is, Klingon content will be comming, just not yet. I do hope it does not come to late. So much negativity of late.

As for all the rumors of Klingons only getting one ship next patch, we actually get six.