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03-22-2010, 07:00 PM
Originally Posted by Synacus View Post
lol Im with ya lets go , Im telling ya tho you want to get some players this side? we need to send ingame mails to the guys that do the STOked webcast. Get them to do a show on all the cool things we are getting.I sent a mail but no news yet

If more asked might be able to convince them.
Okay I'll bite - what cool things? Nothing I've seen listed in the Engineer report is cool enough to call cool. I was hot for the T2 cruiser at one point, but honestly that's a too little bone, too late. I'm playing my fraking Fed because I can't stand the repetitive grinding for so little experience that is PvP and Klingon PvE. WHY would I write anyone and suggest they do something I am not willing to do myself?

As for me, I'm cancelling my sub, just haven't decided whether to do that this month or finish the Federation storyline.

Neither Cryptic nor the Fedrats seem to get it.

They don't get that STO needs a viable Klingon faction and what that will take.

They don't get that the current PvP system lacks a great deal, it's queue system is broken and in it's limited state is not all that much fun.

And they don't get that adding exploration missions for the few Klingon sectors, while a step in the right direction, is a drop in a very large bucket.

Saying the Klingons are going to get "better PvE" in the summer update is, again, a step in the right direction. But where is their vision and plan beyond that? Where is the commitment to make Klingons right before devoting resources to a 3rd faction? Time will tell, but I'm not optimstic.

Had they said Klingons are getting 8 new sectors by December along with a decent amount of PVE story arc at each tier, that Klingon ship/character customization options will be doubled in the sumer update, that an open all-tier PvP sector and dueling arenas are opening as soon as they can put them together, that they are hiring a slew of people to work on this, that none of this will result in an extra charge and that they will keep us posted weekly THEN I would believe they "get it".