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03-22-2010, 07:02 PM
Originally I planned on naming my ships after American Astronauts,i.e. the U.S.S. Buzz Aldrin,U.S.S. Neil Armstrong ect,but figured a lot of others would use those names.Much to my chagrin I've yet to see a single ship named after these men.Anyway I went a slightly different route and turned to the communist space programs for ship names.
U.S.S. Gagarin-Yuri Gagarin was a Russian Cosmonaut,first man in space
U.S.S. Tereshkova-Valentina Tereshkova was a Russian Cosmonaut,first woman in space
U.S.S. Liwei-Yang Liwei is a Chinese Taikonaut,the first man sent to space by the Chinese space program