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03-22-2010, 08:14 PM
Thanks for the interview, very interesting. A few comments :

1) History studies

Being an history teacher myself,I was pleased to hear about Jack studies. And yes, there's still a lot to write about animals sacrifices

2) "Cryptic is greedy and releases half backed games"

I appreciate Jack's answer : to stand up, face the music and work to change this perception. And indeed, in my case, the recent improvements in communication help A LOT.

3) "It kills us to read the reviews"

As long as you add what's missing in the game and stay faithful to the IPs, the reviews will improve or we (the players) will burn the reviewers.

4) It's hard to make diplomacy "fun".

While I admit that not everyone will like it, I think it's easy to make it fun for those who ask for it. Jack, the ST IP is very diverse, some like it Picard style, others prefer Sisko. You won't please everyone with everything you add in the game. There are players who hate PVP and yet you added Shanty Town.

I realize that you'd rather spend your devs time on something *every* customer will use but see, you're becoming greedy again Give us an abstracted diplomacy minigame easily usable (and skippable) in exploration and I'm sure we will be fine. No need for a full voice-over complex system ala Mass Effect here.

You must realize that your idea of "fun" is not necessarily the same as your players : for instance, I don't read comics, I don't think they are "fun". And yet I bought a lifetime subscription and will definitely buy regularly Cryptic points to support the game if you add the very few things I need.

5) Optional death penalty

If I understand correctly, you will add an optional DP. If it's the case, I'm glad you made that choice. You obviously didn't understand why so many players wanted a DP (hint : no, it is not sado-masochism) but I don't care as long as we have the option. Overall, the latest additions to the game were exactly what a lot of players asked for, which is the proof that yes, Cryptic does listen.

Again, thanks for the interview, very interesting stuff

PS : It would be great to make another chat, I'd like to ask a few questions (regarding diplomacy for instance )