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03-22-2010, 10:52 PM
I dunno what u Feds are crying about I got a fed to RA5 it was boring as hell I'm doing the daily missions once a day on it to get the nice purple gear............but I've been playing a Klingon for the past week and a half (omg I love it ) and i should have stopped wasting my time on my fed at rank6 , I've read about people saying we of the empire are to strong in pvp, that's not the case all the time, granted my SO is only commander 6 but I cannot wait to get him to BG, plus the Klingon side seems to be friendlier players and there's no elitism yet like there is on the Fed side, I hope the Empire will never see it, lvl'n via pvp is an awesome idea if u don't like it stay on the fed side is all I can say.

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