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03-22-2010, 10:02 PM
Wow, that was... that was just incredible. I listened to the entire 50-minute portion that Jack was featured in that podcast, and I am very majorly impressed.

As others have said, and the hosts mentioned themselves, it is incredbily humanizing to see him and essentially Cryptic come out and speak honestly and frankly like this. My respect for you - already fairly healthy - went up by leaps and bounds. I apologize for essentially gushing like this, but I mean it. There was just so much information in all of that. So much insight. I loved it all.

I was also very pleased to hear the parts where you said you had encountered skills that didn't say what they did and missions that didn't say where to go and were just as baffled as all of us. It was so gratifying to hear that. It's great to know you won't just gloss over things like that, but really say, 'Hey, yes, we could have done this better. And we will.'

I liked when you guys talked about your personal history, the history of the company, the various design phases you went through for past games, etc. I was STRONGLY hoping someone would bring up Romulans when you mentioned your love of history and ancient Rome and all that, but sadly that interesting topic was missed.

But most of all, to a HUGE degree, I was most interested by your talk about the MMO market as a whole. How expectations had changed, the history of how things had gone before and why it didn't work like that anymore now. How that contributed to STO's development phases, and how sheer development time and money were factors in what you wanted to do vs. what you actually COULD do. The insights into why Diplomacy was not such a simple thing to make, and why the Death Penality thing surprised everyone.

It's just so insightful, and I thank you for sharing it all with us. I really like your game, there are a lot of extra things I'm looking forward to you adding as there's a lot that COULD be added, but I have no doubts that you're in this for the long haul and will improve things slowly but surely.

That felt like a pretty long rant, and I'm sorry if my enthusiasm got the better of me. I just really liked the behind-the-scenes and deeply humanizing look you gave us into how all of this stuff really happens, how hard it was for you to see the review scores and things, but also an understanding of WHY that happened in today's market and how you plan to combat it. THAT'S what I found so great about this podcast, and that's why I just wrote this long post just now.

Kudos, Jack Emmert. Kudos to you.