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what are you talking about? you see lights in space just like anywhere else (we've had ppl in space and there were lights from the stars and our own sun for example, stars just dont disappear when you exit atmophere). its just for the TV show? we're talking about the TV show. how do u correct for an object when u are traveling faster than light? any readings on said object would be days/weeks/years old unless <insert mumbo jumbo magical device that scans objects at FTL capability> which you cant put past a TV show b/c its all fiction. and thats where im ending my involvement in this thread b/c arguing this point makes no sense b/c once again its all ficition but if you want real life correlation to an idea a very old IP is trying to use, once again direct yourself to :
the "stars" zipping past the windows are actually particles being vaporized or deflected by the warp bubble, the deflector and the long range deflector (which i read can nudge an asteroid out of the ships way)